Are you looking to heal from the inside out and begin a journey of self-care and acceptance? When women heal, we rise. When we rise, we show up differently. We love ourselves and we set boundaries. We perform better and we begin to thrive. This has been a long road for me. I have learned a few critical techniques along the way that I am excited to share. The curriculum has taken me over five years to practice in my own personal life. There are specific books and resources that also helped with this transition. Join us for four consecutive weeks as we heal and gain clarity together. We will begin Sunday 3/25 at 8PM est. We have a few special guests that will join us. Do not miss this opportunity to learn, grow, heal and connect. Topics will include: Forgiveness. Love. Relationships. Boundaries. Self-Esteem. Compassion. Soul-Ties. Control. Leadership. Growth. Letting Go. Abundance.


Are you looking to start or expand your consulting or coaching program? Are you looking to diversify your offerings and stop spreading yourself so thin? Learn how we went from $179/mo to $18K when we decided to diversify our offerings. Learn what templates and options were offered to allow the client fair options that would best suit their needs. Learn the difference between our $18K client and our $50K client and what we suggest that you equip yourself with before expanding to this level of business. This is an intense course that will last four weekly sessions. The course will be offered on Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM beginning 3/24/2018. YOU MUST HAVE AN EXISTING BRAND of some sort to enroll. This is NOT for those “considering” becoming an entrepreneur. We do not want to take your money. We can recommend other cost effective resources that may be better for you at this stage.  


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